Three Ways Storage Units Are Evolving

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Simple storage spaces with concrete floors and insubstantial siding is on its way out. The self storage industry, including self storage management companies and top storage companies, is rapidly changing — and many of these changes will undoubtedly attract consumers’ attention. What are they?

More Storage Units Where You Want Them

In the past, the vast majority of storage units — and sometimes even the best storage companies — have been located in the middle of nowhere. While this may give companies the advantage of plenty of space with room to expand if necessary, it’s not always convenient for consumers. Now, self storage experts are out to change that. More storage units are cropping up near lakes and beaches. These units are advantageously located, enabling customers a quick and easy means of storing boats and boat accessories.

New Units Are Climate-Controlled

Although the storage industry brings in $26 billion annually, the 172,000 people working for storage companies have noted room for improvement. Namely, customers do not want to store items, like electronics and vehicles, in storage units owing to possible damages from extreme hot or extreme cold. More and more companies are constructing units with hardy insulation, and sometimes even heating and air conditioning. This will, companies hope, encourage more Americans to store items long-term.

Visit Your Storage Unit When You Want

It can vary by company or locale, but some still require an employee to be present when you visit your unit. This can get complicated, because it involves coordinating a time consumers and employees will be available. It confines customers’ visits to hours of operation only. And that’s a big deal — especially given that most Americans move on Friday and may not be able to accomplish everything before 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. Now, more companies allow consumers to come and go as they wish. Some even have open buildings or garages so patrons can drive right up to their unit without any worries about inclement weather (rain, snow, etc.).

Storage units, as we know them, are changing. Old units served a purpose, but they weren’t ideal. Now, customers can come and go as they please, units have temperature control to protect all possessions, and there are more units where people need them, near lakes and beaches.

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