Lessons About Moving From Popular Movies

moving company quoteApproximately 43 million U.S. families relocate or move each and every year. That does not, however, mean that Americans know all of the ins and outs of moving — or that all families adequately prepare for long distance moves. A lot of Americans end up moving owing to career changes and/or new job opportunities, and — unfortunately — they do not spend enough time researching new towns and neighborhoods, packing, browsing the housing market, and more. Here are a few critical tips for a stress-free move — and they’re all from popular movies and TV shows, too.

Learn A Thing Or Two About New Home And Neighborhood’s History Before Moving
Countless movies and TV shows — including The Others, The Shining, and American Horror Story: Murder House to name just a few — have taught us an important lesson: it is critical to do your research before committing to moving into a new home and/or neighborhood. True — you’re highly unlikely to run into the exact problems from these movies (i.e. ghosts), but research is critical nonetheless. Before making an appointment with the local moving company, research the neighborhood, community schools, what is and isn’t in the area, and more.

Prepare Young Children Before Moving
What is the next movie that can teach us a thing or two about moving and life milestones? Toy Story. All of the talking toys sometimes distract people from what’s really going on in Toy Story: Andy’s family is preparing to move. As in Toy Story, keep in mind that it is absolutely critical to prepare young children for big moves — especially if they are out of state! (Sixty-two percent of U.S. men and women still live in the same state they were born in, so it can be a big — and unusual — adjustment.) In addition to getting moving company quotes or looking into moving company rates, consider what will and will not go into storage units. Make sure to pick some of your child’s favorite items to stay with him or her during the whole process. This will keep children at ease and help them adjust more quickly.

Moving isn’t just about the best moving company quote. Make sure you adequately prepare for a big move — and that means doing your research and making sure young children are as comfortable as possible.

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