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Are You Most Suited For City Or Suburb Living?

self storageEvery year, 35.6% of the 20 to 24-year-old U.S. population will relocate, 30.7% of 25 to 29-year-olds will pack up their things and move to a new home, and 43 million Americans in total will move, for one reason or another. And that begs the ever-pertinent question: is it best to live in the city or the suburbs? There isn’t an easy or simple answer. Ultimately, it will depend on many different factors, including personal preferences and life circumstances. Here are a few ways to work out what’s best for you:

Are You Looking For A Job?

It’s no secret that, if you are looking for a job, cities generally have more to offer. Cities are also more convenient in terms of public transportation and getting to and from jobs without a car (or without spending a fortune on gas). Developing cities are especially promising, as they offer more and more jobs as time passes.

What Lifestyle Appeals To You?

Are you passionate about art? Do you enjoy the night life? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, cities tend to offer more culture — more museums, more exhibits, and more festivities. Similarly, it is entirely possible to walk to and from a local bar crawl in a large city. Of course, these conveniences may also mean some sacrifices. Pets (especially dogs) are often a no-go in the city, for example.

Think About Your Priorities

Finally, it may all come down to the little things. Do you want to look up and see the stars at night? Does having more space appeal to you? Are you continually struggling to find a place to park in the city? If that’s the case, then the suburbs are probably the best place for you. If a small apartment suits you just fine and you like the hustle and bustle of the city, then it may be best to avoid quiet, low-key suburban areas.

Whatever you decide, self storage and moving companies are there to help. Self storage and the top storage companies may be a very real concern, if you are moving from the suburbs (from a parent’s house, for example) to the city. Similarly, if you are heading to the suburbs, consider moving expenses and moving company quotes prior to making big purchases, like buying all new furniture.

Three Ways Storage Units Are Evolving

self storage

Simple storage spaces with concrete floors and insubstantial siding is on its way out. The self storage industry, including self storage management companies and top storage companies, is rapidly changing — and many of these changes will undoubtedly attract consumers’ attention. What are they?

More Storage Units Where You Want Them

In the past, the vast majority of storage units — and sometimes even the best storage companies — have been located in the middle of nowhere. While this may give companies the advantage of plenty of space with room to expand if necessary, it’s not always convenient for consumers. Now, self storage experts are out to change that. More storage units are cropping up near lakes and beaches. These units are advantageously located, enabling customers a quick and easy means of storing boats and boat accessories.

New Units Are Climate-Controlled

Although the storage industry brings in $26 billion annually, the 172,000 people working for storage companies have noted room for improvement. Namely, customers do not want to store items, like electronics and vehicles, in storage units owing to possible damages from extreme hot or extreme cold. More and more companies are constructing units with hardy insulation, and sometimes even heating and air conditioning. This will, companies hope, encourage more Americans to store items long-term.

Visit Your Storage Unit When You Want

It can vary by company or locale, but some still require an employee to be present when you visit your unit. This can get complicated, because it involves coordinating a time consumers and employees will be available. It confines customers’ visits to hours of operation only. And that’s a big deal — especially given that most Americans move on Friday and may not be able to accomplish everything before 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. Now, more companies allow consumers to come and go as they wish. Some even have open buildings or garages so patrons can drive right up to their unit without any worries about inclement weather (rain, snow, etc.).

Storage units, as we know them, are changing. Old units served a purpose, but they weren’t ideal. Now, customers can come and go as they please, units have temperature control to protect all possessions, and there are more units where people need them, near lakes and beaches.

U.S. Men Converting Storage Units To Full-Fledged Man Caves

self storage
>A new phenomena is sweeping through the storage industry — and just in time for the Superbowl, too! More men are making a very special request to local storage and moving companies. What is it? Men of all ages are asking top storage companies to help them (or, at the very least, allow them to) transform storage compartments into full-fledged man caves.

Dalan Madsen, sales manager at a St. George, Utah storage company, explains that the fad began almost incidentally. Men were using the self storage units to stow flat screen TVs, gaming systems, billiard tables, and other items that generally fall into the category of “big toys.” When they discovered that the units could be temperature controlled with heating or air conditioning — and even fitted with fully functional kitchens and bathrooms — it wasn’t long until this new home away from home or the storage unit man cave was born.

As it stands, even the best storage companies don’t necessarily allow people to move in. While it’s perfectly legal to watch the Superbowl or play a few rounds of pool, most compartments and garage areas are not built or zoned for residency. Although the man cave is typically geared toward, well, men, women are also more than welcome to rent out and tailor a space for recreational purposes.

How are Americans making a rec room out of plain garages or storage spaces? “We have one owner who has a fully stocked bar with six flat-screen TVs, a pool table, a foosball table, a pinball machine and a poker table in his unit,” said storage unit company owner Kevin Mahl. Renters are also putting down rugs and filling the space with musical instruments and sound equipment. Some are renting out larger units to store classic cars, motorcycles, and even tour buses as well.

These man caves and recreational spaces will undoubtedly boost the $26 billion earned by self storage companies every year. Ask one of the 172,000 U.S. men and women working for the storage industry about the specifics of turning your unit into a man cave and about the best time to do it (avoid Fridays — it’s the most popular moving day!).

Three Tips and Tricks To Lower Moving Costs

storage unitsAs with anything else, nearly all movers can generally agree on one thing: just about all households want to save as much money as possible during the moving process. Every year, the moving industry earns approximately $15 billion and traditional and self storage management companies bring in $26 billion annually! With some careful planning, only a small fraction of these profits will come from you. Here are a few of the best ways to keep moving costs low.

Only Pay For What You Need To

More than 43 million Americans move each and every year. With that in mind, even seemingly small costs — like the cost of boxes and packing materials — can easily add up. Instead of paying for boxes, plan ahead. As long as you have a little time to work with, you can get free boxes. Liquor stores generally give away free boxes. Some grocery stores and department stores will also save boxes for you (that they would otherwise throw away or recycle) — although you generally have to call and ask.

Move During Off Season

Think about when everyone else is moving. Most people move during the warm spring and summer months, and college students keep storage and moving companies busy during the last few weeks of August and first few weeks of September. U.S. men and women can save money by moving in the fall or winter. Call for moving company quotes, but they should be generally more affordable in non-peak seasons.

Do Your Homework

Moving companies are not necessarily created equal. Talk to friends and family about the best moving companies in your area. Remember that some moving companies also offer different services. Full service moving companies generally offer a greater range of services, like some packing and storage units, if necessary. If you want or need extras, make sure the moving company you use offers them.

Moving doesn’t have to be costly. Save money on boxes and packing materials, move during fall and winter months, and ask movers about storage units and additional services, if you need them.

Lessons About Moving From Popular Movies

moving company quoteApproximately 43 million U.S. families relocate or move each and every year. That does not, however, mean that Americans know all of the ins and outs of moving — or that all families adequately prepare for long distance moves. A lot of Americans end up moving owing to career changes and/or new job opportunities, and — unfortunately — they do not spend enough time researching new towns and neighborhoods, packing, browsing the housing market, and more. Here are a few critical tips for a stress-free move — and they’re all from popular movies and TV shows, too.

Learn A Thing Or Two About New Home And Neighborhood’s History Before Moving
Countless movies and TV shows — including The Others, The Shining, and American Horror Story: Murder House to name just a few — have taught us an important lesson: it is critical to do your research before committing to moving into a new home and/or neighborhood. True — you’re highly unlikely to run into the exact problems from these movies (i.e. ghosts), but research is critical nonetheless. Before making an appointment with the local moving company, research the neighborhood, community schools, what is and isn’t in the area, and more.

Prepare Young Children Before Moving
What is the next movie that can teach us a thing or two about moving and life milestones? Toy Story. All of the talking toys sometimes distract people from what’s really going on in Toy Story: Andy’s family is preparing to move. As in Toy Story, keep in mind that it is absolutely critical to prepare young children for big moves — especially if they are out of state! (Sixty-two percent of U.S. men and women still live in the same state they were born in, so it can be a big — and unusual — adjustment.) In addition to getting moving company quotes or looking into moving company rates, consider what will and will not go into storage units. Make sure to pick some of your child’s favorite items to stay with him or her during the whole process. This will keep children at ease and help them adjust more quickly.

Moving isn’t just about the best moving company quote. Make sure you adequately prepare for a big move — and that means doing your research and making sure young children are as comfortable as possible.

A Few Simple Steps To A Stress-Free Move

self storage management companiesMoving can be a very stressful time. One survey shows that Americans rate moving as the third most stressful life event, preceded only by death and divorce. That’s not a good thing — especially given that six out of 10 Americans make major moves at least once and 66% of Americans ages 18 to 29 expect to pack up and move within the next five years or so. Luckily, there are some relatively simple steps you can take to pack and move without all of the stress. Here are a few pointers that will keep you cool, calm, and collected.

Have A Moving Timeline
When should you start packing? When is it time to get moving company quotes? When should you have a moving company booked and ready to go? Before anything else, creating a rough moving timeline will help you stay on top of your responsibilities. It is best to do make this moving timeline or checklist before you are in the thick of it and feverishly trying to catch up. (Hint: If you approach your timeline correctly and stick to it, there won’t be any last-minute catching up to do!) For example, Apartment Guide recommends notifying your landlord at least two months before you plan to leave; creating a moving budget and finding necessary supplies (boxes, tape packing materials) should also be done six to eight weeks prior to moving. Hire a local moving company or long distance moving company no later than four or five weeks before your move-in date.

Know Your Limits
In order to stay sane, you need to know your limits. You won’t be able to pack up the entire house in a day. (Don’t try it!) Have a weight limit for boxes. Boxes should be no more than 50 pounds. This will make things easier for you and your movers, and it will reduce the likelihood of tape failing and boxes bottoming out. Know how much you can and cannot fit in your new house or apartment, and plan accordingly. Host a garage sale, donate items, or talk to self storage management companies as necessary.

It is possible to move without the stress. Plan important moving events carefully and purposefully, pack boxes responsibly, and, if necessary, contact self storage management companies.

When Americans Forget To Go Green

storage and moving companiesResearchers all over the world have worked together to reach a final consensus about climate change. An article from The Guardian reveals what they found: “[The] overwhelming majority of peer-reviewed papers taking a position on global warming say humans are causing it.” With that in mind, it’s time for Americans to start taking action, and some of the most important opportunities to go green may not be as apparent as you think.

Some eco-friendly tips are fairly obvious. Recycle plastic bottles, reuse newspapers to cover your children’s school books, rinse out plastic food containers and use them to store leftovers. If you like to sing in the shower, conserve water by choosing relatively short solos (forget about “Freebird” and “Bohemian Rhapsody”).

However, too many people completely neglect green initiatives when they are confronted with the stress of moving — despite the fact that eco-friendly moving tips are often also money-saving ones. Storage and moving companies share their best secrets for a green relocation:

Pay It Forward
Carefully go through your things, and donate gently used items you’ll no longer need to charities (or help fund moves with a yard sale). Don’t forget about canned goods and perishable items. If you are moving a long distance, donate canned foods to local pantries, food banks, or churches. Leftover eggs or bread, on the other hand, can go to any college kids in your extended family — or maybe even to family or friends who just moved themselves.

You Don’t Need Bubble Wrap And Styrofoam Peanuts To Pack
Chances are, no one will be unpacking for you. That means you can use whatever packing materials you like — without any raised eyebrows or similar judgments. Stay Earth-friendly by carefully wrapping breakables and glassware in hand towels or off-season clothes. This also cuts down on the number of boxes you’ll need to haul. Speaking of boxes, one of the most time-honored, and frugal, moving tricks still applies: get boxes from your local liquor store or grocer instead of buying brand new ones.

Carefully Choose A Full Service Moving Company
What are some of the things you should be thinking about when comparing moving company quotes? Cost and reputation might top the list, but a quality long distance moving company will take the environment into consideration, as well. Plenty of storage and moving companies offer electronic communications to cut down on paper waste, use trucks with low emissions, and even sell and/or utilize recycled paper and cardboard packing products.

Two-thirds of Americans ages 18 to 29 have moved within the last five years or less. Talk to one of the 172,000 people working at U.S. storage and moving companies about what they do to make their services as eco-friendly as possible. With the industry bringing in $26 billion a year, you’ll easily have several different options to choose from.

Moving? Here’s How to Find a Moving Company

moving company quotesAccording to the Census Bureau, about 43 million Americans have ended up relocating since 1980, a number that comprises about 16.8% of the total populated of the United States. And that number appears to be growing: two-thirds of Americans between the ages of 18 to 29 report that they have relocated within the past five years. Likewise, 35.6% of people between the ages of 20 to 24 relocated every year, and 30.7% of those aged 25 to 29 do the same. But in spite of the popularity of relocating, it is often a confusing process. Should you rent out storage units and slowly move your possessions to your new home? Or is it simpler to simply hire moving storage companies to transport your belongings?

The answer often depends on the details of your situation. In regards to renting a unit at a self-storage facility, this may be the preferable option for those who are moving to a new home in the same town or general area. According to statistics, about 62% of Americans currently live in the same state they were born in, and 37% have never left their hometowns. For this reason, self storage management companies are very popular: the industry employs an estimated 172 thousand people in the United States and generates an estimated $26 billion in revenue.

However, hiring a full service moving company is often a great option for those who are relocating to a new destination or staying in the general area. 63% of adults report that they moved to a new community at least once in their lives; the most common cause given is that the individual was offered a new job or other business opportunity. Whatever your reason for moving, or wherever your destination is located, local moving companies or a long distance moving company can often simplify your moving process. By hiring a moving company, you can usually leave your possessions set up at your old house longer and have them unpacked at your new house faster.

Regardless of your preference between storage and moving companies, the best way to find the best company to help with your move is to research local services, focusing on a variety of criteria from service reviews to storage and moving company quotes. This information, particularly the storage and moving company quotes, can often be found online on company websites. However, it is not always recommended that you choose the service with the lowest storage or moving company quotes; instead, it is typically a better decision to choose a company with a reputation for professionalism and care to protect your belongings.