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U.S. Men Converting Storage Units To Full-Fledged Man Caves

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>A new phenomena is sweeping through the storage industry — and just in time for the Superbowl, too! More men are making a very special request to local storage and moving companies. What is it? Men of all ages are asking top storage companies to help them (or, at the very least, allow them to) transform storage compartments into full-fledged man caves.

Dalan Madsen, sales manager at a St. George, Utah storage company, explains that the fad began almost incidentally. Men were using the self storage units to stow flat screen TVs, gaming systems, billiard tables, and other items that generally fall into the category of “big toys.” When they discovered that the units could be temperature controlled with heating or air conditioning — and even fitted with fully functional kitchens and bathrooms — it wasn’t long until this new home away from home or the storage unit man cave was born.

As it stands, even the best storage companies don’t necessarily allow people to move in. While it’s perfectly legal to watch the Superbowl or play a few rounds of pool, most compartments and garage areas are not built or zoned for residency. Although the man cave is typically geared toward, well, men, women are also more than welcome to rent out and tailor a space for recreational purposes.

How are Americans making a rec room out of plain garages or storage spaces? “We have one owner who has a fully stocked bar with six flat-screen TVs, a pool table, a foosball table, a pinball machine and a poker table in his unit,” said storage unit company owner Kevin Mahl. Renters are also putting down rugs and filling the space with musical instruments and sound equipment. Some are renting out larger units to store classic cars, motorcycles, and even tour buses as well.

These man caves and recreational spaces will undoubtedly boost the $26 billion earned by self storage companies every year. Ask one of the 172,000 U.S. men and women working for the storage industry about the specifics of turning your unit into a man cave and about the best time to do it (avoid Fridays — it’s the most popular moving day!).