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Three Tips and Tricks To Lower Moving Costs

storage unitsAs with anything else, nearly all movers can generally agree on one thing: just about all households want to save as much money as possible during the moving process. Every year, the moving industry earns approximately $15 billion and traditional and self storage management companies bring in $26 billion annually! With some careful planning, only a small fraction of these profits will come from you. Here are a few of the best ways to keep moving costs low.

Only Pay For What You Need To

More than 43 million Americans move each and every year. With that in mind, even seemingly small costs — like the cost of boxes and packing materials — can easily add up. Instead of paying for boxes, plan ahead. As long as you have a little time to work with, you can get free boxes. Liquor stores generally give away free boxes. Some grocery stores and department stores will also save boxes for you (that they would otherwise throw away or recycle) — although you generally have to call and ask.

Move During Off Season

Think about when everyone else is moving. Most people move during the warm spring and summer months, and college students keep storage and moving companies busy during the last few weeks of August and first few weeks of September. U.S. men and women can save money by moving in the fall or winter. Call for moving company quotes, but they should be generally more affordable in non-peak seasons.

Do Your Homework

Moving companies are not necessarily created equal. Talk to friends and family about the best moving companies in your area. Remember that some moving companies also offer different services. Full service moving companies generally offer a greater range of services, like some packing and storage units, if necessary. If you want or need extras, make sure the moving company you use offers them.

Moving doesn’t have to be costly. Save money on boxes and packing materials, move during fall and winter months, and ask movers about storage units and additional services, if you need them.